Install the driver

Neither the calculator nor the cable is required during the installation,

Neither calculator is NOT required to install the driver: even if the « serial » plug is hanging with no calculator, the driver installation can be done.

To start with, you shall download the archive, proxied here. It contains the driver installer, gathered from MCT Components. Once this is done, you shall open it, using explorer.exe or else.


Double-click on U232- 30315.exe, which executes the installation program for the driver. If administrator privileges are required, which is normal as you’re about to install a driver, please accept.

You will be presented with a few steps where you just have to accept/go to the next step.


The installation step then takes place for a few seconds.


Windows will sometimes put you a few warnings where you will have to press « Continue ».


Then it will ask you to reboot so that the driver is actually loaded in Microsoft Windows®. If you want to save your work before restarting your computer, you can select “Reboot later”, do it, then reboot manually.


And that’s it! The driver is actually installed!

Checking and using

Once the computer has restarted, you can plug your cable in with a calculator at the other end and go into your device manager (in Microsoft Windows® XP, this can be found in the properties of “Computer”).


You should have a “COM and LPT ports” category, which contains your port number, here COM4. If there is no such thing and your cable is plugged in, then:

  • if you have an unknown device named “USB Device” or “MCT Components”, try uninstalling the driver;
  • otherwise, try using another USB port.

Don’t forget the way the OS recognizes your USB/Serial port, COM4 here! You will need it in the software you will use to actually communicate with the calculator, e.g. here in FA-124: