Calculators have various model identifiers to present their hardware and OS capabilities/version. This model can take various forms:

  • on older calculators, [TODO];
  • on modern calculators, it is represented as an eight characters long string, with the PCB identifier at the left, the OS/capabilities hex digit at the right, and 0s in the middle. The bootcode will always have 0 at the end; as an example, for the Graph 35+USB (SH4), the bootcode will use model ID Gy362000, and the OS will use model ID Gy362007.

These identifiers are used in communication protocols for example.

Hardware IDs (PCB)

Here are the known hardware IDs:

Hardware ID Devices
Gy362 fx-7400GII (Graph 25+Pro SH3)
  fx-9750GII (Graph 35+USB SH3)
  fx-9860GII SD (Graph 85 SD)
  fx-9860GII (Graph 75 SH3)
Gy363 fx-9860G (Graph 85)
  fx-9750GII-2 (Graph 35+USB SH4)
  Graph 35+E
  fx-9860G slim
  fx-9860GII-2 (Graph 75 SH4)
  Graph 75+E
Gy490 fx-7400GII-2 (Graph 25+Pro SH4)
  Graph 25+E
Ly755 fx-CG20

Modern OS/capabilities character

The last character of the modern model ID form represents the OS/set of capabilities. Here are the known characters for this field:

OS Character Description
0 Bootcode.
6 CASIOWIN (SH3). Supports backup commands.
7 CASIOWIN (SH4). No backup commands anymore.
F CASIOWIN (SH4) with Exam Mode support.