This is the place where I’ll write my docs about formats, protocols and other knowledge I have about CASIO calculators. Select any section on the left to start.

Keep in mind that very few of the names given here have actually been given by CASIO itself. We don’t know what the names they use at CASIO Japan are, so we give them names using the elements we have; e.g. “Protocol 7.00” is named after the constant and unused “7.00” magic sequence in its extended ACK packet.

Also, this is an ongoing draft. I add things as I think about adding them, and sometimes correct what is written as I often write this late in the night. Please tell me any errors you find at! :)

Information comes from:

  • Simon Lothar and Andrea Bertheussen in their fxReverse documentation project.
  • Simon Lothar in its manual.
  • Teamfx for complementary information.
  • KermMartian (from Cemetech) for its reverse engineering on Prizm-related formats and test files.
  • Amazonka (from Cemetech) for its research on G3L/G3N.
  • Florian Birée for its regrouped documentation (Casetta), like for tokens.
  • Yves-Marie Morgan for opening Casemul’s source code.
  • Tom Wheeley for making CaS a free software.
  • Him and Tom Lynn for documenting the legacy protocol (9700).
  • Zezombye (from Planète Casio) for its research on some MCS file formats.
  • David Quaranta for making and sharing Flash100’s source code.
  • Walter “dscoshpe” Hanau for providing some AFX communications dump and reverse engineering.
  • Nessotrin for its UsbConnector project, which made me start this whole thing.
  • Other people (TODO: list them here).
  • Me connecting dots together.

The source for this website is on my forge for now.